MetaQuotes - Update MetaTrader 4 to support Multi-Threaded Backtesting

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MetaQuotes, it's now been over 7 years since the release of MetaTrader 5 and uptake by brokers and retail EA programmers is still very low. As such, the vast majority of MetaTrader users are stuck with the extremely slow backtesting of MetaTrader 4.
MetaQuotes, we all understand that you tried to use the multi-threaded backtesting of MT5 as leverage to get brokers, and thus end-users to migrate, but it hasn't heppened.
Looking at a broker listing site, it shows x193 MT4 brokers and only x18 for MT5.
So all you're doing now is hurting your end-users.
Please release a version of MT4 with support for multi-threaded backtesting and end the pain for your users...