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Fire the Mesquite, Tx. Animal Shelter Manager, Transparency & Reform.

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We do not know if he had a name, only the intake # of 34849218. We have named him BUDDY, he would have been SOMEONE'S BUDDY, HAD HE MADE IT OUT ALIVE!!

The description below is a quote from the Rescue Representative that was at the shelter but make no mistake, I am with her 100%.

"I only saw his face for a second when I banged on the glass. He was too weak to even turn his head. He had no strength, was swaying back and forth supporting himself on the wall, and was drooling after having just vomited. I asked shelter staff if I could help, they said he was adopted. I requested to at least let me check him out, they said he was adopted. I said if I could try to get him medication, they said he had been adopted. I said I can take him to the vet and bring him back, they said he was adopted and was going to the vet on Monday, two days later. The "vet" was a neuter clinic. But he didn't make it. We were told he had gotten better the next day. Today, they said they notified the adopters and the adopters made what they thought was the best decision for him. Conclusion: he's dead. They won't comment, they won't say what happened to him. He didn't get better overnight by himself. We need the Mesquite Animal Services to release the information on what happened to this dog! WHY DID THEY NOT RELEASE HIM TO RESCUE! WHY DID THEY LET HIM SUFFER ALL WEEKEND BY HIMSELF! I offered to pay for his vet care and bring him back for the adopters! They refused and now are trying to cover their tracks thinking this will go away. We need to submit an open records request! There is zero transparency on what happened to this dog! How many times has this happened, how many times will this happened!

Request the information for this poor dog! Be his voice! 972-216-6283 request to speak with the manager in regards to 34849218."

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