Merseytravel should allow people with any form of learning disability a bus pass

Merseytravel should allow people with any form of learning disability a bus pass

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Started by Ste McGreal

Merseytravel offers people with a wide range of disabilities a free travel pass to help them be more independent. One of these disabilities is a learning disability.

I have Aspergers Syndrome which is a form of autism one of the results of this is I have increasing trouble using public transport. Going out socializing with a group of friends is something that is vitally important to me in helping me develop skills and increasing confidence for me that most others have naturally.

Due to my issues with public transport, I have to spend between £2.30 to £6 on buses or sometimes Trains, the money I can't afford to spend every few days a week on a journey that would normally cost £2.50.

I applied for a free travel pass twice to help me so I can go out more. Unfortunately, Merseytravel said no straight away without looking at my disability on the count I had a low score with my pip score and also have several GCSE grades which they say means I don't have a severe learning disability.

According to the NHS and National Autistic Society people with autism and Asperger's can often have high IQ's but that doesn't mean we don't struggle. I was very annoyed and offended by the way they instantly turned me down,

When I explained to Merseytravel the severe difficulties I had in learning different things that most people know at primary school they claim it doesn't count because it's not tested and only accept people who have a “learning difficulty and not other learning disabilities”
On the pass, it does in no way state that it depends on your IQ it just says you must have a severe learning disability.

Not just a difficulty but a disability.
Please sign and show that this is not right for Merseytravel to discriminate against people with certain learning disabilities like Asperger's.


It’s about time they change the way for people any age with certain learning disabilities and other disabilities like autism to have a bus pass. Literally saying that people who have Asperger’s are just normal people, it's time for Merseytravel to stop discriminating other people who don't have a learning differculty. it shouldn't be just a learning differculty who should be allowed a bus pass. it should be other disabilties too like ASD or Autism.

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!