Make "electronical" a real word respected throughout the world by scholars of all types.

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In many cases, the usage of the word "electronical" is thought to be a complete violation of the English language as it is not respected as a real word. Numerous students and even adults of our present day mistakenly use this word in sentences for the sole reason that it sounds better and makes their statements more fluid. Usually, it's used without punishment when speaking with others, but for an unknown reason in professional presentations or speaking assignments, there will be those who mark you off or think of you as uneducated for the simple use of this word. Now, for many young people around the middle school age range, the word electronical will be used in everyday chatter, so it will also seem acceptable to them to be used in graded presentations and such. Because of things like this happening, many teachers will choose to take away points for an innocent mistake like that.

Another reason supporting my previous argument is that an existing word that is similar to "electronical" is electronically. Now, how does it make sense to have the exact same word, but with Two extra letters added on while "electronical" is still considered illegitamate to the rest of the world. Now please help support this cause to change this, so that many people in the world (including me) are able to make more fluid sentences in everyday life.