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Stop The Distribution Of Animals On Craigslist!

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I don't know whether the statement I'm about to claim will haunt my legalities but - I bought my dog through Craigslist. Now most of you probably think I am a hypocrite, in any case, I actually like to think that I saved his life. While he is all in good standing, that does not necessarily mean similar animals have the same fortune.

There are some natural demons that coincide with the site as you can already imagine.

I wish I had the funds, time and space for a selfless animal sanctuary, but unfortunately I am not so lucky. So this is where you come in. No, you don't need to shell out hundreds of dollars buying these animals either, but I need your signatures so administrators won't be allowed to sell living beings through a sketchy layout such as Craigslist.

Most dogs on the platform don't go for much over $300, some are even listed as 'free' for a fast re-homing. The owners giving up their pets must think, 'Oh, they won't be in a kennel at all. I can find them a new home all in the comfort of my own home - no big deal..this is ten times less cruel than a shelter.' WRONG. You honestly don't know the hand Fido's precious fate will be dealt..

Don't let Craigslist have your once beloved pet fall victim to:

  • Becoming Bait For Dog Fighting.
  • Abuse.
  • Getting Stolen/Sold.
  • Murder.
  • Sexual Abuse.

People pry on that site, looking for innocent, defenseless creatures to abuse and to tarnish - to throw away and to abandon.

  • Listen, we already had a 'Craigslist Killer' whom tainted the integrity of that site at an earlier date...

Look at what's happening now-

Majority of these unhinged individuals have no problem coughing up a couple hundred dollars on condoning serial killer behavior towards innocent merciful animals. It's equivalent to one of us buying a pair of shoes, or new clothes...They gain the same sense of happiness. It is sickening. So much so, it should be illegal to sell animals through such an uncontrollable outlet.

'Animals aren't just a form of companionship sought out through commodity and accessory, they are blessings - they are our friends without a voice.'

You should be given some sort of a receipt, not in the respect of currency - but valuing that animal's life. Adoptions should happen through a stable environment, where home-checks are mandatory, as well as a two week to a month follow-up. 

Documenting the life of another is priceless, this is something Craigslist fails to do. There are so many instances of kittens and rabbits being abused, dogs getting skinned to be used for gloves and then sold as another belonging. It is such a shame to live among troubled human beings who seek pleasure in catastrophe.

So I beckon you to join me and together let's disable an access point for these bastards.

I am on a quest to fulfill the needs of those without a voice, those at our mercy. I would like to be a voice for all species that cannot make their thoughts a reality. And I also would appreciate it greatly, if you could all join me and please sign this petition. Thank you.

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