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Petitioning CEO, Merck Kenneth Frazier and 6 others

Merck & Bristol-Myers Squibb: Save Locky's Dad. Provide Nick Auden access to the PD1 drug on a compassionate basis


UPDATE: Thank you so very much to everyone for all your wonderful support since we launched our campaign just over 6 weeks ago. It has just been incredible (over 500,000 signatures!!!) and gives us strength to continue our campaign to get the PD-1 drug for Nick. Thank you again!

ABOUT OUR CAMPAIGN: Shortly after my husband Nick and I moved our family to Denver in 2011, two pieces of news changed our lives in a matter of 2 months: we learned we had a third child on the way, and Nick was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma.

Nick is determined to beat this so our children -- Locky (7), Hayley (5), and Evan (1) -- can grow up with Dad beside them. Nick takes on each new battle with melanoma with audacity -- determined to win and constantly assuring others that he will jump the next hurdle. And he always does. 

Most of all, Nick shows incredible dedication to our kids every single day. A few weeks ago, he even slipped home from the hospital to make sure he got to watch the big game at home with Locky before surgery, and he doesn't miss a chance to take Hayley bike-riding or to teach little Evan a new word.

But we've hit a critical time in Nick's battle against cancer. While Stage 4 melanoma has long been considered incurable, a new anti-PD-1 ("PD-1") wonderdrug is showing remarkable results for patients like Nick. But the drug, which is being developed by BristolMyers Squibb and Merck, is still undergoing clinical trials and may not be available to the public for 12 to 18 months. My husband doesn’t have that long to wait. 

I can't imagine life without Nick. I can't imagine telling Locky he has to watch the big game alone, telling Hayley that Daddy can't take her bike-riding anymore, or knowing that my youngest son won't even remember his dad. I can't live with that possibility and I won't. I will never stop fighting to save my husband.

Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb have the power to grant Nick single patient access to PD-1 right away under compassionate use laws. We’ve been told that this is our last hope for saving my husband’s life. 

I believe Nick can jump this last hurdle if Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb give him that chance. 

Please join Locky, Hayley, Evan, and me in asking Merck and Bristol-Myers Squibb to provide PD-1 to Nick, so he can win against melanoma.

Letter to
CEO, Merck Kenneth Frazier
CEO, Bristol-Myers Squibb Lamberto Andreotti
Vice President, Oncology Clinical Research, Merck Eric Rubin
and 4 others
Executive Director, Merck Dr. Scot Ebbinghaus
Senior Vice President, Global Development and Medical Affairs, Bristol-Myers Squibb Brian Daniels
President, U.S. Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb Giovanni Caforio
Senior Vice President Oncology and Immunosciences Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb Dr. Michael Giordano
I am one of hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. and around the world waiting to see you step forward and give Nick Auden rapid access to your anti-PD-1 melanoma therapy.

I am one of hundreds of thousands who believe that Nick can win and live a long life for his three precious kids Locky, Hayley, and Evan.

I am one of hundreds of thousands who cannot believe that you have listened to Amy's pleas for your compassion for her husband and her children----and yet you have not found a way to give Nick his chance to fight and win when he has no time to spare.

And I say with hundreds of thousands to you now: It is Time. Time for you to show the human side of so many good people within your company walls, do your own people and shareholders proud, and give Nick Auden his chance to live.

The public benefits from the developments of pharmaceutical companies but also expects pharmaceutical companies to contribute back to society in clear compassionate use cases such as Nick's.

Nick's clock is ticking too quickly. There is no more time to wait. A man's life and a family's continuity rests in your hands.

Merck, do the right thing. Join us hundreds of thousands and Save Locky's Dad. Step forward and give Nick Auden access to your anti-PD-1 drug for melanoma.

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