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Keep Google Merchant Center part of Organic Search

For years Google has provided a small merchants the ability to post products in its shopping channel for free. Now they are rolling out a Pay to Play model which will completely destroy the organic nature of search that Google was founded upon. Increasingly Google has begun to commoditize every aspect of its service and in the process signifigantly dilute search results by pushing commercialisim at the expense of small merchants and consumer choice. Tens of thousands of small business with unique products will now have to shell out more money to Google in order to stay relevant, if they even have those resources to begin with. Consumers will suffer because products will be pushed to them by large players and they won't even be aware of it. The internet never should be the purvue of the "get big, or get out crowd" it is about everyone.

Lets keep Google the great company that it was and should be and ask them to emphasize relevant search and organic search rather than lining the already deep bottom line by keeping the Merchant center free to any merchant regardless of how big the advertising budget is.

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