Excuse Mercer Island School District Students from School to Attend the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Parade

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Winning the Super Bowl does not come often. The Seattle Seahawks, the City of Seattle, WA's NFL Franchise Football team, won the 2014 NFL World Championship, also known as Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, February 2nd. They defeated the Denver Broncos 43-8. This petition is meant as a polite, peaceful, and creative way of expressing to the school district of Mercer Island, WA, that we, the students of the district, desire to attend the Super Bowl Winning Parade in Seattle on Wednesday, February 5th at 11AM-1PM. This petition is not implying that school should be canceled. The petition simply asks of the district said to excuse the absences of the students that wish to attend the parade. This can be done either by accepting excused pre-arranged absence forms (i.e. WHAMMOS) or cancelling school for all 6 schools all together. The reason for absence as stated earlier would be for the students who wish to go to the parade to celebrate along with the other thousands of gatherers in downtown Seattle (i.e. the "12th Man"). Again, the petition is not a call of action for students to "skip/cut school", but as more of a way of determining what the school district of Mercer Island would like to do about the so called "Parade." If the students choose to sign the petition, this is not an excuse for them to cut class, but rather add another voice to the desire of school district input/opinion on the decision to allow student absences. Please understand that whatever decision the district makes is final and we as students are to respect and commit to this decision. However, as a student, I encourage the district to think about the history that this win implies and the stakes that many local companies around the state are allowing their employees to attend as well. Also, for the district to consider that many parents would like their children to come together with their community for such a postive event, and seeing as so many of our high schoolers & middle schoolers show their Seahawk spirit through their spirit days. Thank you for reading and congratulations to the Seahawks, winning a championship so difficult to win.

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