Mercari, stop abetting criminal scam artist on your site! PAY THIS SELLER!

Mercari, stop abetting criminal scam artist on your site! PAY THIS SELLER!

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Michelle Seibold started this petition to mercari and

Short summery: Mercari refuses to pay a seller when the buyer kept the merchandise.  This petition is demanding that Mercari take responsibility for their irresponsible coding issue (no secondary confirmation page when asked about important financial decisions) and PAY THIS SELLER $455!!! Please sign to show Mercari, and other internet based resale sites, that small businesses will not sit quietly while they abet the criminal activity from criminal predators buyers.  This type of behavior by Mercari is dangerous to the entire online merchant community.
This is LONG but I want to post as much information as possible to warn other resellers about this scammer and Mercari. I am out $400 and my merchandise, that I paid for with my own money because of this and I don't want any other small "mom-and-pop" business to suffer at the hands of unscrupulous businesses and scammers like I have.

Sale date: 04/16/2019 02:54 AM
User name: “FeralAndPosh” 

Purchased Item ID: m37393969166 (Lot of 40 Sterling Silver Stone Jewelry) 

Price: $455

Platform: internet site “"

Buyer: Pamela Maddox 
aka : Mela Maddox, Pamela Schwarz, Pamela Upton
Pensacola Florida

Saturday 4/20/19: Item arrived to buyer at the above address

Sunday 4/21/19: Buyer contacted me stating that the jewelry was not sterling silver and further went on to say that the gemstones were fake (stating, "How do you test the stones you ask? bio luminescence get a uV light. They are supposed to glow. They don't glow at all none of them and across-the-board more than half of them should be glowin like freaking Christmas morning. You are a bad person and a theft.”
 Non-precious gemstones like labradorite, quartz, moonstone, jasper, abalone, etc do not "glow" and would cost more to try to fake them than to just use the real things...and they do not "glow". These are not rare, precious stones, these are inexpensive, common stones that are pretty but not necessarily “valuable”… This jewelry is not fake, I know the jeweler that made them.

Monday 4/22/19 10:33pm: Mercari notified me of the approved return and sent an email with the title “Return request approved. Would you like your item back?”. With the title of the email in mind, I was under the impression that I needed to take action in order to have my merchandise returned, so I clicked the link and as I scrolled on the site page to make sure I would click the appropriate response to have my merchandise returned, there seems to have been a glitch on their page in which the button labeled “no” (which was automatically selected on this page) was clicked. This released the money to the buyer and told her that she could keep the merchandise. There was no secondary confirmation page safeguarding against accidental clicks or “enter” key strokes. A secondary confirmation page is essential for any important decision and, in fact, Mercari has a secondary confirmation page when you choose to log out of their site.

Monday 4/22/19 10:46pm: Within minutes of this Mercari site problem, I sent a message to the Mercari customer support and also a message to the buyer stating that it was a mistake caused by some sort of accidental click and there being no confirmation page on the Mercari site. I stated that I needed the merchandise returned to me. I also offered a pre-paid shipping label to the buyer.

Monday 4/22/19 approx 10:55pm: The buyer acknowledged my message stating that the Mercari accidentally clicked through saying that I didn’t want my merchandise back and that I DID, in fact, want my merchandise back. She then agreed, in writing on the Mercari site, to return the merchandise if I issued a return label. Which I did, within minutes of her request. 
(see communication in photos)

Tuesday 4/23/19 approx 4:00am: the buyer said that she would not return the items

Further communication with Mercari customer support resulted in them also providing a return shipping label to the buyer but said that they do not have the ability to force her to ship it.

Tuesday 4/23/19 approx 5:00pm: Buyer contacted me through the Mercari app with the message:

“ Mercari contacted me about returning your items they can’t be returned they’re already gone. Sorry”

I’ve contacted the Pensacola Florida Police Department and they advised for me to file through my local PD which will be forwarded to them.

I’ve filed a police report through my local police department but they feel as if it might be an issue for civil court since Mercari is an accessory to the theft.

The entire lot of Sterling Silver jewelry is very well documented here: .

Each piece is hand made and one of a kind.

This lot was deeply discounted due to them showing some tarnish and needing to be cleaned. The total actual value is approximately $25 each ($25x40=$1000).

For all intents and purposes, the buyer knowingly “stole” my property after I indicated, in writing, that I needed it back and she acknowledged and agreed to send it back, in writing. That is a written agreement.

I have over 30 messages back and forth with Mercari email support. Mercari facebook support will not touch the subject and have made over a dozen calls to the call center where I have been told that they don’t handle this kind of thing and that they are just there for “general questions”.

Since the buyer has me blocked from any communication on Mercari, I sent her a stern message through Etsy which was returned with a barrage of profanities. My message included the fact that I have access to her public criminal record ( convicted felon, grand theft (sterling silver jewelry), grand theft auto, drug charges, child abuse, assault with a deadly weapon, etc. My message was meant to let her know that I knew that she is a scammer and to hopefully shake some decency and fear of legal repercussions into her.

5/1/19: Mercari still refuses to take payment from the buyer and it is my opinion that they are abetting this buyer because she has over 800 reviews on their site and I only have 6. However Mercari views me, I am a seasoned full-time reseller since 2005 with 7,038 positive feedback on eBay and over 200 positive reviews on Etsy.

8/25/00: Pamela "Mela" Maddox has sold 36, out of 40, of my stolen pieces on her Etsy account  "FerallyPosh" as "sterling silver".  This contradicts her initial claim that my merchandise was "fake" and shows that her original intent was to defraud me.  It also validates that Mercari should not have allowed the obviously fraudulent claim as a forced return.  I have informed my police department that she has sold my stolen property. Update soon.

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