Include Sanitary Pads in the Essential Commodity list during the COVID-19 Lockdown!

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With 21 days of complete lockdown, the government has not included sanitary pads in its Essential Commodity Act to be delivered at home. What does the government expect? Synchronized periods? Which will eventually fall, all together after the lockdown uplifts?
The petition is to include sanitary pads as part of essential commodities, so that it is allowed to be delivered across India by brands like Big Bazaar, Amazon, and Flipkart. It is demeaning and every bit disheartening to that see that women, their needs, essentials, requirements aren’t even addressed properly, let alone fulfilled. Living in a country where immediate supply and delivery of ranging/variety of food products and services is available but sanitary napkins and number of other women hygiene related products are not even listed under umbrella term of the essential goods is disheartening all the more.
With COVID19 at large, Sanitary napkins and pads have been declared as an essential commodity by Karnataka and Telengana government only. The Centre is yet to allow implementation of such measures by for the entire nation. Since the government of Telengana and Karnataka have taken crucial measures, a similar move from the central government’s end would help out in easing operations across the nation.
It is important to realize that the sanitary napkins, pads, similar items are not luxury products and they need to be sold through pharmacies, e-commerce platforms, and grocery outlets because they are valuable and critical hygiene need for women and girls all over the nation. Besides that, they are an essential commodities to ensure that women are safe from unwanted infection midst a pandemic.

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