Real Racial Justice for Menlo College

Real Racial Justice for Menlo College

June 3, 2020
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Menlo College
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ngozi Harrison



Hello supporters,

Thank you so much for continuing to show your solidarity by standing with us as we continue to fight for justice on an institutional level!

We are currently waiting on a written response from Menlo College, which we are to receive by June 30th.

In the meantime, here is a video we recorded of our address to Menlo College, detailing grievances and demands to the administration.

Check it out here on YouTube: Menlo College Students Demand Racial Justice In Higher Ed


Thank you all for your support! We received over 2,800 signatures!

We have finalized a 36 page report and sent to Menlo College. We have presented to the Administration with the goal of creating an action plan to address institutional injustice and create a better place for future students.

More updates coming soon

Link to our publically available report

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The current climate within our country has ignited a fire in many Black students/alum to speak out against the systematic racism and microaggressions we have experienced during our time at Menlo College. For too long, Menlo College has maintained a position of complacency or protecting outright malicious behavior against Black and Brown students. In a collective effort, we as Black students, alumni, and allies are organizing to collect all of our shared experiences, grievances,  and demands to deliver to the administration.


5 point platform:

  1. Accountability/Repercussions for staff and faculty who exercise and espouse racial bias.
    • Remove or demote faculty, staff, administration, coaches, etc in student-facing positions that uphold racial bias or perpetrate racist acts toward students of color
    • Create an anonymous platform for students to report racism, prejudice, and microaggressions that must be addressed and remedied by administration
  2. Establish a Black alumni network.
  3. Diversity Committee and Interpersonal Training for Staff/Faculty.
  4. Real support (not just words) to actively dismantle systemic oppression and support the work being done 
    • Donations to Black organizations
    • Provide a platform/spaces for Black students
    • Invite Black academics/speakers to have discussions with students 
  5. Address injustice in Menlo Colleges history
    • Remove and address racist artifacts, books, art etc.

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Support now
Signatures: 3,602Next Goal: 5,000
Support now