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Memphis Protect Trans people


Of all people's who identify as LGBTQI transgender, transsexual and gender non conforming people are discriminated against worst, and face the highest rate of violence against us.
Memphis is know as a extremely dangerous place for transgender people as we are beaten and murdered not just by the general population, but by the police as well.
It is obvious to the transgender community a back room deal was cut at the last moment to advance sexual orientation deleting wording that would have protected transgender people out.

The council has 30 days to edit the amendment reinserting transgender protections. We ask you to do the right thing.

We demand that transgender people be treated equaly and protected equaly.

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  • Memphis City Council
    Wanda Halbert
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    William C. Boyd
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    Harold B. Collins
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    Jim Strickland
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    Edmund Ford, Jr.
  • Memphis City Council
    Lee Harris
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    Bill Morrison

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