Better Food Quality by MUN Dining Services/Aramark.

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Residents living at memorial university are being served slop. The food quality being served at Gushue Hall by MUN Dining Services, operated by Aramark, is absolutely atrocious. Constant complaints are made about the food being under cooked or moldy.

This issue is also not a recent one, it was brought up and reported on by CBC in 2015 and obviously, Aramark did not take heed. The price that each residence is paying to eat (which is two-thousand-six-hundred and fifty-five dollars a semester) is absolutely ridiculous compared to the standard of food students are getting.

Not only is the low quality of food an inconvenience, it is also a safety hazard, many times have students been sick because of food poisoning. Moldy fruit/bread, bleeding under cooked chicken and hair is not something anyone would expect from a supposedly renowned university.