Memorial in local parks/woodland for those who lost their lives/been affected by covid 19

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Both my Mum and sister were taken into hospital on Monday 4th May 2020. Both were swabbed in A&E and confirmed with covid 19 the following day.  Both put on cpap initially, mum in critical care my sister on AMU-A. My sister finished her stay at the hospital on C22.  Mum lost her fight against covid on Wednesday 6th May, but my sister eventually responded and was finally discharged home on Thursday 14th May. Our Mums funeral was on Monday 18th. 

My sister could not attend mums funeral, as she was not well enough (no funeral cars-social distancing) but she could see mum off which is something.  We can not hold the funeral she wanted, where she wanted it, with friends and family being able to pay their respects.  We could not see her in the funeral parlour prior to her burial as her coffin had to be sealed, due to her being covid positive.  We could not even dress her in the cloths she wanted.  We could not hold a wake for her, after her burial  We are both numb and cannt understand how they got it as both had been isolating together at their home.

However we are not alone, to date over 46,000 families are also feeling the loss of a loved one to Covid 19, along with families who have lost a loved one, whilst not covid related, will be subject to the same funeral restrictions.  Families are going through a similar experience that my sister and I, along with our family, and we will have to live with it for the rest of our lives. 

Mums death has not only affected our  family and friends, but people where mum used to shop, where she used to work, where she used to go on holiday.   Her milkman, her postman/postwoman (varied each week), the taxi firm who took her shopping on a regular basis.  The bus drivers who took her into town on a weekly basis for her ‘bits and bobs’.  Mums death also affected those who took her to hospital, who looked after her in hospital, and those who cared for her after her death.

But covid has also affected everyone throughout the country, funerals from non covid deaths are affected.  Trips the the doctors, the local hospital, the dentist, the opticians even the daily shopping.  Staff in some care homes have chosen to move into the care homes with their residents, not seeing family and friends for the sake of their residents, to keep them safe.

I began a petition for local memorials, gardens of rememberence in every locality throughout the country as a place where anyone could go and just remember their own loved one, a friend, someone they knew for a matter of hours, or days, weeks or years.   Someone they looked after, someone’s family they supported through this pandemic.  And for all those affected by the loss of anyone to covid.  It would also be  a place for everyone who has lost a loved one during this pandemic that is not due to covid, as their funerals/cremations will have been similar to ours.    Some local councils have already began their remembrance gardens/ memorials within their own locality.

i request this idea be brought before parliament for their consideration, as whilst this is not a military war, it is a battle on our “normal” way of life,  the fear of catching the virus, the fear of spreading the virus, the tear of bringing it into our homes, thus infecting other family members and loved ones.  The idea of passing the virus to complete strangers whilst going about our work or our leisure time.  As We do not yet fully understand or have a way of treating this 

The death of A loved one at any time is difficult to bear, but restrictions brought about by covid 19 has added to the grief of many.