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STOP ANY Long-Hour (12h or 24h) livestream and live better health with your family members

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this is what happen to 2 users on twitch (who died because of doing 24 hr livestream without sleeping) brandon.lane1

Twitch user dalsarius82, find dead by his wife in their home, that later his friend said, he die because of 24 hrs livestream for in 2016 before he died. he no movement for 24 hrs.

then one night, he died on floor, his wife found him dead on floor in their home.

and still persist that we must do 24hr livestream if wanna earn money by upgrading to PARTNER to twitch.

2nd case Poshybrid, same case (died due to long time non movement because he is twitch PARTNER, have to do 24hr livestream for 3-5 days per week).
(Brian died when he went out after 22hr livestream and plan to buy cigarettes to smoke but died in home and police was dialed to his home)

twitch request all PARTNERS keep 3-5 days 24 HRS non stop livestream, no movement. bad to health, when the people found out problem. it's very late stage. their health is around stroke to high cholesterol status.

they regret having 24 hr livestream for twitch.

they all 24 hrs livestream, and 2 of them (Brandon Lane and Poshybrid) died for twitch. both do 3-5 days, each time 24hr livestream (NO TOILET, NO GOOD REST, NO FOOD, NO DRINK, NO SLEEP, NO FAMILY GATHERINGS)


First, please read the 2 dead twitch users who burn their precious lives for twitch (who force users keep 24 hr livestream or 12 hr livestream to choose twitch partner) knowing most people can't last for long hours without any sleeping. (DEAD TWITCH USER 1)
(Brandon Lane,1982 born, Dalsarius82, died due to livestream in twitch , 3-5 days per week, on 24 hr livestream non-stop and died in his home found by wife) (DEAD TWITCH USER 2)
(1982 born Poshybrid suddenly died during a 24 hr livestream by taking a break 22nd hrs and found by police, he even has 3 kids and a wife. he spent his life on stream without able to spend time with family members, especially his 3 kids.)

in 2016 April 11, Dalsarius82 (Brandon Lane / facebook DEAD USER "Dalsarius Lane") died (found dead by wife in home) when sleeping that later he was found having streamed for online gaming site TWITCH.TV (TWITCH) in many days 24 hrs livestream without sleeping and caused his sudden death that many people still claim his death is not caused by twitch.

in 2017 FEB 19, well-known enough, Poshybrid (Brian) who keeps doing 24 hr livestream for twitch for 3-5 days one week. (stated by twitch TERMS OF PARTNERS that you must do 3-5 days 24 hrs stream, to be paid by twitch in partner basis, to reach partner/affiliates, you must do 500 hr livestream in 1 month  without sleeping and moving and caused bad health and bad result to your body when you NO SLEEP FOR HOURS )

twitch only pay very few money to people even when you become partner, and twitch wants you livestream and earn your money by other streamers, it's possible to get a chance to have you hard working they not pay and you get no money, many people hard work, livestream in twitch for 24 hrs but earn very little money. 

the 2 streamers are (1) very well known and popular enough in youtube, (2) enough fame on youtube, (3) always have to spent 24 hrs non sleep to stream 

livestream 24 hrs without sleep will cause your body worse and even cause quick/sudden/instant death without any cause.

livestream by sitting still on chair/computer chair,. office chair, without moving , in long hours, can cause stroke or other obese illness that quicken your death. 

livestream costs you FAMILY TIME, KIDS TIME, HAPPY TIME, LIFE WITH PARENTS, KIDS, FRIENDS. a lot of fun, a lot of shopping freedom. livestream, you can't eat, you can't drink, you can't shit in toilet, you can't urinate, you can't change tampons. you can't move off from chair, you can't offline, not only can't sleep. 

family, especially when you got kids, it's important to see your kids grow up. game is not forever. if you livestream 24 hrs, or even 12 hrs, you will lose a lot of chance to see your kids grow.

we should not help twitch by burning our lives. life is important than earn THAT LITTLE CASH from twitch.

on the other hand, increasing members in got banned by no reasons. twitch claim OTHER REASONS. "WE ONLY UNBAN IF IT IS OUR SITE TWITCH.TV OWN MISTAKE, NOT YOU" (they claim OTHER TERMS OF SERVICES but when we ask WHAT REASON, they can't give us any. but just claim that you deserve being banned totally without let you speak your own side. you can only get unban when you are right they are wrong, means no chance to be unban if they indefinite ban. especially if you even upload videos on twitch. twitch would ban if you even have videos on youtube and twitch.)

I hope you guys (esp who really got suspended by twitch with no reasons) support this campaign. unless you wanna die like Dalsarius82 and poshybrid without able to share your life with your family members. and regret why pay your life and burn your life for useless site like twitch and worsen your own health.

Especially the death of the 2 twitch users, the 2 died males in twitch are just 35 yrs old born in 1982! not old age when they die. they do twitch 24 hrs livestream and cost their lives, even when their twitch is still on the person is gone. what is the meaning. 

think and revalue your time. spend time with your family and friends, especially your children if you really got kids. dont spend your time (burn your life) to twitch 

most twitch users said even when they livestream 24 hrs, twitch does not pay them much money too. they mostly only video on youtube, and just register a twitch account.

do a partner (A BIT MORE PAYMENT) worth you burn your life on twitch. even if you become partner, if twitch want to ban you they would still. do not help twitch do livestream, life is more important than do any long hour (12 or 24) livestream

Spend time sleeping / resting and spend time with your family members. better than spend time to useless sites 


this is what we will really sign to TWITCH.TV on that.:

God (Buddha or Jesus or Allah) makes human and gives human world ONE DAY 24 hrs is to teach human to spend the 24 hrs clever, not waste the hours to livestream or burn their lives to sites like twitch. twitch is asking streamers NOT TO SLEEP AND BURN LIVES BY ENTICE THEM TO MAKE 12 HR OR EVEN 24 HR LIVESTREAM WITHOUT LET THEM TAKE BREAKS BETWEEN THE 12 HR OR 24 HRS LONG STREAM AND 2 TWITCH USERS DIED *(DALSARIUS82 and POSHYBRID) and some streamers picked lives luckily but bad health (geekmoto/geekmofo, dalsarius82 friend)

we need stop torturing players by ask them make livestream. twitch admins also can't last 24 hrs without sleep too. why must we members do that?

why must twitch try to make more damages to its members

Today: Spend your life better and clever - not burn your life on TWITCH is counting on you

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