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''Stop driving the Pacific Bluefin Tuna to its extinction''Establish and implement science-based catch limits and a minimum size limit to protect juvenille fish or ban its international trade now!!!

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      Urgent action is needed ,to save the Pacific Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus orientalis) which has been endangered for many years and has suffered a catastrophic decline 96% in stocks in the Northern Pacific Ocean,because of illegal,unreported overfishing and unregulated fishing with trawlers.The latest data from the International scientific committee whitch monitors tuna in the Pacific showed that the stocks are in danger of dissapearing .The vast majority 90%of specimens that are fished are juvenilles that they have not yet reproduced.The P.Bluefin tuna reaches sexual maturity between 4-8 years old which limits its reproductive ability and makes it more vulnerable to the predation of modern industrialized fishing techniques.The International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2014 listed it as vulnerable on its red list of threatened species.The IUCN estimates that the population has declined by 19%to 33% in the last 22years,just to satisfy their huge demand in Asia.Last September the tuna fishing nations including Japan failed to agree to new conservation measures.Immediate and comprehensive action is needed,including the establishment and implementation of science-based catch limits and a minimum size limit to protect the juvenille fish and allow the Pacific bluefin tuna population to recover .The WCPFC'S Northern Committee is made up of the 10 governments responsible for sustainably managing the pacific tuna.An analysis by Japan's National Research Institute of far Seas Fisheries concluded that the size of the pacific bluefin tuna stock will continue  to decline through 2018 even with full implementation of existing conservation measures.According to a recent study only 40.000 adult p.bluefin tuna remain,because of the continued inaction of the10 governments responsible for the managment of the species.The Japanese are consuming about the80% of the global bluefin tuna catch.They eat 600.000tonnes of tuna a year ,a third of the total fished worldwide and about three quarters of the total bluefin fished worldwide.It is dissapointing that the japanese government does nothing to protect this valuable species by banning its trade until the population recovers .The Blue Ocean Institute's  (The Safina Center)guide recommends that bluefin tuna should not be fished at all.Sushi restaurants should remove bluefin tuna from their menus as the Mosh Mosh chain in UK did.  

Stop driving the pacific bluefin tuna to its extinction !!!! Urgent action is needed!!! Establish and implement science-based catch limits and a minimum size limit to protect the juvenille fish or ban the international bluefin trade now !!!

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