Give the Class of 2015 a new, proper Graduation.

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Graduation is one of the most universally celebrated events. It is a show that we did it. It is a celebration that friends and family go to. There is nothing more important in a young adults life than having their mom and dad cry when they walk across the stage. Nothing can Ruin it... Except bad weather.

'Wait, schools have policies for that, don't they.' Sure they do, on paper. At Leavenworth Highschool, each Senior gets 6 rain tickets. In theory only these people should see them graduate. Its a good theory, when it is practiced.

Leavenworth Highschool did not check tickets. When parents and Immediate family members demanded tickets checked, police officers and teachers said it wasn't their job. Well, who's job was it? and why was it not done.

Lucky parents who did not get into the gym were permitted to sit in overflow, but unlucky parents were told too bad. Their answer was first come first serve.

What about the fathers that didn't get off until six, who rushed home to shower and make it, should they be told 'too bad'? What about the moms who took care of parties and had to pick up their medication that they were out of. Should they be told 'I don't care'

At the end of the day, the Staff, and especially the Administration, of Leavenworth Highschool were Callous towards the members of the 2015 graduating class, their families, and the Community of Leavenworth as a whole.

The members of 2015 Graduating class had a temendous year. They only failed in that they didn't let anyone down. It was the '150 years of excellence' celebration, and the staff of Leavenworth High School made graduation anything but excellent.

To mend this I ask that the Members of the Leavenworth School Board give the Graduating Class of 2015 a new graduation and, in event that it does rain, only allow each student 2 'rain' tickets. That way the two most important people in their life, be it Mom and Dad, Aunt and Uncle or Grandma and Grandpa, be allowed to see them walk across that stage.


Members of the 2015 Leavenworth High school graduating class, their friends, family, and Members of the community as a whole

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