At least 50% affordable housing for the future of our generation!

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Fight For Revite

Most citizens of London are aware that there are redevelopment plans for construction all over the city. Recently, I’ve been watching the £1.5 billion Elephant Park redevelopment in Elephant and Castle unfold, on my home ground. Their aim was to "redevelop" the Heygate estate - but no traces of the once established community remains, with many displaced and completely unable to afford the new housing.

My name is Murat and I’m a Year 12 student living in the borough of Southwark. As many other students, I fear that in the near future I will not be able to afford to live in the same household or community that I was brought up in. I fear I won’t be able to live in the place that I know and love. This is because of the major housing crisis that plagues London today. This housing crisis is fueled by the decrease in government spending on housing (The Independent article).

As I’ve grown up, I have seen the effect of major corporations gaining interest in London. They have started to move their businesses as well as their workers to the city. Subsequently, construction companies have seen this as a good commercial opportunity to inflate housing prices in order to maximize their profits. In this way, they are putting profits before people and disregarding the underlying negative effects that it is going to have for the current and future residents of London, who will be financially pushed out of their homes. Some of my friends have already experienced this. Some can no longer live in London.

Our Mayor, Sadiq Khan, stated in "The London Plan" (2017 London Plan) put forward in 2017, that in order to meet with the rapid growth of London whilst also maintaining the current resident's interests in mind, he proposes a 50% affordable housing quota to be met on all of the new redevelopment plans for London (Policy H10).

I call on everyone who cares about the future of the London landscape to sign this petition to fast-track this policy into government.

If this isn’t your generation, it’s your children’s or your children’s children’s. We must join together and act before the landscape of London becomes completely inaccessible, before more young people are displaced by redevelopers.

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