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We all agree that Europeans should have access to the best and most affordable healthcare possible. Unfortunately, some Members of the European Parliament think otherwise.

For the past two years, Europe’s legislative body has been holding up ACAA, an agreement that harmonizes the quality control for pharmaceutical products in Israel and the EU, thus allowing drug companies to more expediently provide patients with new, life-saving drugs at lower prices. The European Council has already given its consent and the arguments in opposition have been proven wrong. No legitimate obstacle remains. Nevertheless, Europeans continue to wait at the expense of their healthcare.

Israeli pharmaceutical companies are among the most innovative in the world and they are leaders in the generic market, an industry that saves national health services in Europe billions every year. If ACAA does not pass, European access to these medicines will be delayed and the cost will likely rise.

The time has come for European Parliamentarians to start putting patients before politics!

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Letter to
Members of the European Parliament
We, citizens of the European Union and members of your constituencies, call on you to finally pass ACAA, the pharmaceutical trade deal with Israel.

For more than two years, opponents of the agreement have delayed any action on it, preventing the issue from reaching a vote in committee and, ultimately, the plenary. Their technical and legal arguments against ACAA have all been countered by the European Council, the European Commission and the legal services of all three EU institutions—including that of the European Parliament itself.

By denying our representatives the opportunity to vote on the matter, ACAA’s critics are harming the democratic process and the interests of the very people they have been elected to serve: Europe’s citizens. Thus, we write in defence of our rights as Europeans to swift access to the best possible healthcare.

And the enormous benefits of Israeli pharmaceuticals to European healthcare and the well-being of European patients are undeniable. Despite its small size, Israel is at the forefront of major medical innovation, finding new and affordable treatments for a broad range of diseases. To name just two examples: Copaxone, the world’s top selling treatment for multiple sclerosis, was developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, while the Israeli-produced generic version of Lipitor, the popular blood pressure medication, will be the first of its kind to hit the UK market, expected at a price 92% below the original.

Yes, Israeli pharmaceuticals can help us save not only lives, but also costs. Teva is the world’s largest producer of generic medicines, which are critical to maintaining our high standards of healthcare, particularly during these difficult economic times. According to industry estimates, Europeans save nearly €25 billion annually by using generics, €2 billion in France alone.

The time has come to put European patients before personal politics!

We, citizens of the EU, thus call on you to finally put ACAA to a vote and give your consent.

EU citizens have a democratic right to have their say and a moral right to access the best healthcare available.



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