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Stop the Export of Our Assets, Industries, Skills and Jobs

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Australia long ago lost its independence.  Exporting entire industries, 100,000's of jobs elsewhere makes us a poorer nation.

Some industries were destined to decline, but some are essential to our skills base and ability to remain a sovereign nation...  

Hulling out Australia’s brains trust is an irreversible precedent that leaves us dangerously exposed as a sovereign nation.

On current trends, when tomorrow comes there will be no innovation in Australia.  Our future jobs will be digging stuff out of the ground, a more myopic, less self-sufficient economy fighting increasing crime with more police and looking after our increasingly sick and elderly population with a government on borrowed money and time, because they are governing a country driven by consumers of products and services delivered by foreign countries, with little gain or tax revenues being delivered back to us.
"'autarky', is a Greek word meaning self-sufficiency.  Autarky exists when a system can survive without external assistance or international trade." (Wikipedia)
"Trade restrictions are increasing.  Since 2008, (free trade) member countries have introduced more than 1500 protectionist measures." (Satyajit Das, author "A Banquet of Consequences")
China, our largest trading partner, is one of the leading protectionist and nationalist countries in the world.  
Why would we sell out our most important assets, industries and jobs to trading partners who practice the polar opposite of our Government's 'free market' approach?  

This is a recipe for disaster.

Our MPs representing corporate interests (not constituents), and actively promoting a failed economic system forebode a grave decline of our nation's democracy and sovereignty. 

We vote #1 for protecting and or nationalising before exporting our science, skills, industries, jobs and assets to other countries.

Members of Parliament, we demand that you protect, not only the diversity of our current industries, but actively expand them through direct support and intervention.. #LocaliseNotGlobalise

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