Stronger laws to stop the cruelty of Puppy Breeding Factories (Puppy Farms)

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Queensland has some of the worst 'Puppy Farm' laws in Australia because:

Puppy factories and the sale of animals in pet shops remain legal. 

There is no cap on dog numbers or litter limits. 

Dogs can be made to breed until no longer physically able, and back-to-back. 

Dogs can be killed without a vet. 

There are no time requirements for exercise, socialisation or enrichment as long as it's 'once a day'. 

Soft bedding is not a requirement. 

Up to 600 dogs can be kept in disgusting, squalid conditions in cages and sheds and forced to breed all their lives until they are no longer useful. They can then be abandoned or killed. 

Nothing can be done to help these poor dogs who never experience love or sun or grass. They live in misery and loneliness because Queensland's weak legislation makes no effort to help them. 

Therefore, please show your compassion and care for these poor animals by signing this petition to demand that our MPs introduce and push legislation to strengthen these laws.