Emergency: Tell your member of Congress to vote against the slaughter our wild horses

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Wild horses and burros are a part of our western landscape. Because they compete with cattle and wildlife for forage on our public lands the government has removed thousands over the past 40 years. Now, to save money, the Congress wants to kill all those they've already removed and promised lifetime care or adoption. In addition they want to remove thousands more horses from our lands to make room for more cattle and game animals. The Bureau of Land Management should contracept the horses on our Western ranges to reduce their numbers and care for those they've already taken off the range. Killing 100,000 horses is not only cruel, it won't solve the problem as the ones left will just breed and re-populate..Contraception on the range is the only humane, economical and ethical solution Congress is voting soon as part of Interior Appropriations. Please speak up now.  Ask your Representative to stand up for wild horses and burros.