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Support the creation of the National Museum of the American People


When built, the National Museum of the American People will celebrate the histories of Americans from all backgrounds and cultures and will help to educate visitors not only about their own story but about the stories of their friends, colleagues, neighbors and all of the citizens of our nation. To bringthis museum closer to reality, Congress needs to pass H. Con. Res. 63, the bill that calls for a Presidential Commission to study the establishmentof this museum.

The Museum will tell:

  • Who all these people were that came to this land and nation
  • Where they came from
  • Why they left their homeland
  • How they got here
  • Where they first settled
  • Who was already here
  • Where they moved after they arrived
  • How they became Americans
  • How they transformed our nation


Take a look around at your fellow Americans, they all have a story of coming to this land and this nation. What's yours?

Help us build the most important museum that doesn't exist … yet.

Remember- no federal tax dollars are being sought to plan, build or operate this new national museum.

Sign our petition and email your congressman and make sure your story is told!

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Support the creation of the National Museum of the American People

Dear Congressman:

We strongly urge you to become a cosponsor of H. Con. Res. 63, a bipartisan measure that calls for a bipartisan Presidential commission to study establishment of the National Museum of the American People. The museum will tell the story of every American ethnic and minority group coming to this land and nation from every corner of the world from the first through today.

We would like to emphasize that we are not seeking federal appropriations to either fund the study commission or, in the future, to fund the planning, building or operation of this significant new national cultural institution telling everyone's migration and immigration story.

Just as we stand as one nation made up of hundreds of different cultures and nationalities, we believe that all of those stories should be told in one building in our nation's capitol; a monument to the American people's ever living heritage.

Please support H. Con. Res. 63, so that all Americans can have their stories shared.


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