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Let The Punishment Fit The Crime For Animal Cruelty

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RSPCA ACT needs your help in supporting harsher penalties for animal cruelty cases in the ACT. It is time for the Punishment to Fit the Crime!

As demonstrated last week in a recent animal cruelty case, the penalty given to a local Canberra woman, Annette Banks for the neglect of her two dogs was outrageous. One of her dogs, Lucky (pictured above) was extremely skinny with open sores near his scrotum and anus that were filled with maggots. Unfortunately Lucky had to be euthanised for humane reasons. Read more on this case here:

You would think that a case like this causing the death of an animal would result in harsh penalties. This did not happen. Annette Banks was found guilty of:

- Failing to seek veterinary treatment ($250 fine for Lucky includes court fees)

- Neglect to an animal as to cause pain ($0 for Lucky)

- Failing to seek veterinarian treatment for her other dog, Rocky ($233 fine includes court fees).

There was no animal ban placed on this owner which means that she could get another animal immediately after being found guilty of these three counts of animal cruelty.  The outcomes for this case are ridiculous, but this was not the first time this has happened.

In fact, since February 2015 ACT magistrates have issued other weak penalties for guilty decisions including:

- Nicole Weaver - Starved 2 pets - Received just an $800 fine and NO animal ban. Read more:

- Domaneco Zizi – Bludgeoned a possum to death with a pole.  Evidence caught on video.  Defendant pleaded guilty. No conviction. Read more:

- Elizabeth Anastasiou - Dog underweight and neglected -$300 fine per count and 2 year ban. Read more:

- Claire Widdicombe - Neglected and underweight cat and dogs.  - 2 year ban and good behaviour bond. Read more:

Some of these animals actually died at the hands of the guilty parties.  These outcomes are not good enough! We need the ACT Magistrates Court to take animal cruelty offenses more seriously, and for the Punishment to Fit the Crime!

How Can You Help?

1) Sign our petition that demonstrates your lack of confidence in the judicial process for animal cruelty crimes in the ACT.  Tell the government that you expect the Punishment to Fit the Crime.

2) Share this petition with your friends.

3) Write to your local Member and tell them that we need tougher outcomes for those who are convicted of cruelty crimes against animals.

Find your local member here:

Help us fight animal cruelty in ACT!

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