Authorities need to STOP treating deceased pets like rubbish

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Authorities such as local Councils and DPTI need to stop treating deceased pets like rubbish, Working in Lost and Found animals, and receiving reports of deceased animals and the treatment they get is disgusting and needs to change, These are loved pets, Some of these are Microchipped and wearing collars. Families have contacted councils to be told bad luck we have disposed of your pet or it wasn't your pet, owners have been informed and collected and in fact it was their pet.  All they want is them HOME.

Some examples and this is just a few that have happened in South Australia and I have been fully aware of.

A council collected a deceased Husky off a road , they didn't try to scan, they just scooped it up and threw it into a residential bin, disposed of like rubbish.When owners asked for the body back. Bad luck , the dump truck has already collected.

A cat was found in another council zone, no scan , just picked it up and put it into an industrial  bin, when owners asked for the body, bad luck it is in a dump somewhere was the reply the owners received.

A deceased dog found on a Main road, the dog was clearly looked after. A search and Rescue team attended and so did a council worker. No microchip , so council wanted to take the body to bury in a shallow grave somewhere. After a fight the Search and Rescue team were able to take the body. the next day Owners were found and luckily had closure, But if the Search and Rescue team wasn't there  , the owners would never had known. When council were confronted  the following day. They knew nothing and had nothing on there database.

A dog was hit by a train , wearing a collar with name tag and number. He was buried and owners told the body was dispose of, A team went out of there way to dig up that body to give closure. But they were lucky any information was given.

A very recent story. A dog was found deceased on the Freeway , after lots of phone calls and talking to people , the owners were told the dog had in fact been collected by the owners. But thanks to a team helping Lost and Found animals and a slip up from 1 authority , pieces to a story that didn't add up, finally fell into place and their dog was found DUMPED in long grass close to where she laid on the road.

Owners are expected to get their dogs Registered to council , they are expected to have them Microchipped and in fact in July 2018 it will be law in South Australia that  dogs need to be microchipped. Yet these owners get no respect, their animals get no respect just thrown away like rubbish. If you or me throw rubbish we risk a fine. If we place deceased animals in the bin we also risk a fine. Yet it is ok for them to do this to peoples pets?

This needs to STOP . Pets are more than just an animal. They are someone's best friend , companion , a part of the family. They are loved more than family in some cases, in others they are family. Authorities need to give respect and STOP treating animals like RUBBISH.