Change in the Indian Penal Code regarding Sexual Offences

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It is quite obvious in the society that some people are too prone to sexual intimacy that they end up having consensual sex or sexual pleasures. But after a certain spat, both of them can separate and one can end up blaming other person for sexual offence. Take an example:

Let a boy and a girl be good friends here. The girl considers herself to be frank and the boy a bit shy and introvert.

They have developed a sense of mutual understanding for each other over a period of time and share almost every psychological thought they come across. In India, they can be termed as brother and sister. But somehow things diverge between them. In the worst case, she alleges him of attempting to rape her and he can just stand and listen. He just pondered over these points:

1.)She can brush her hands over his hairs and can be termed as a friend but if he runs his hand over her hairs, he is not a friend but a flirt.

2.)She can pull his hands in public to buy her things, she is friend. He can't do this or else people will think he is forcing himself on her.

3.)If she says “I love you, I want to hug you and kiss you” she considers him as her brother and when he says so sometime later, he is termed as a pervert and not a brother!

4.)If she takes him on a lonely road to accompany her, she is a sister. If he asks her to accompany her later anywhere, he is not a brother but has intentions to rape her.

5.)If she puts her hand on his waist, she is frank. But if he copies her act, he is attempting to rape her.

6.)In order to persuade each other to be together as friends, she can send him 100 messages and have more than 10 missed calls. If he does the same thing, he is molesting her.

7.)She can kiss him over an audio call at 2 in the night and shall still be considered as a sister, if she shouts so.

Now the point is, all the things were initiated by her and were consensual but if she stands in public and shout these incidents with tears in her eyes, he becomes the culprit because he tried to be frank with her or say tried to become more like her for her.

A girl can show her emotions in public and still be safe by saying she is your sister but if a boy does so, he is a molester, not a brother!

Understand people, boys too have emotions. I want to ask you, can't a boy be frank to such a frank girl?

If she can show her emotions isn't he allowed to show his?

Does he becomes a molester even though he hasn't forced himself on anybody physically?

Are you god damn serious about the allegations you've put over a person?

Not every man is hungry for sex. But this fact is not acceptable to society. They think in their old and traditional way and would continue to do so!

We have dowry, harassment, rape laws and many more for a woman but for men we only have a defamation case inscribed in the constitution to fight false cases.

1.) I demand for a change in the whole pattern of the penal code of India. Every section of Society is different economically and as you grow up and mature, your standards change according to your economic conditions and your education. Thus for an educated person, the crime committed should be more penalizing than for an uneducated- as he does not understand things. 
2.)Things today are not the same as in 1860. The society has shown a lot of extroversion since the arrival of the internet. Thus keeping records and data is a must for anything we do. Monitoring such incidents is a must.
3.) I don't say women are wrong but I say a certain section of them put a false case and still they are freely roaming. Strict actions must be taken against them.


Change is desperately needed.