Please Help to get impounded companion dog Neima home to my Daughter

Please Help to get impounded companion dog Neima home to my Daughter

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Started by Linda Ferguson

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My daughter's dog Neima has been impounded at Melton pound since May 24th 2021. Neima was on a chain with Judy when another dog came onto her property and Neima acted to protect her owner. She had not long come home from hip surgery and was using a wheelchair/walker at the time of the incident and was put in an awful and helpless position. When Neima was taken by the council Judy was told Neima would be back within a few weeks after some paperwork was done regarding the incident. Judy is on disability and this dog is her companion, and friend, and has been locked up for nearly 7 months now. With COVID restrictions and the nature of Judy's disabilities, she has been unable to visit Neima for months now and just wants her friend home. 

We have paid a lawyer for 6 months now and the Melton council has said NO to everything we have offered. In the stressful year that 2021 has been Judy has also needed 2 surgeries this year with the likelihood of more to come after being diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Due to these surgeries, medical appointments, and the extensive lawyer's fees that we have paid, we have run out of money. This is our last chance to get some help as we can no longer afford to keep the lawyer. 

I am actually begging you please please can someone help us to just settle this matter. Melton council's only response is to say we have to wait. The hearing has now been adjourned until April 2022, we are willing to accept all charges and pay off fines. We will do anything we have to do to get Neima back.

I would just love my daughter Judy to get her Friend Neima back for Christmas. Please can you help us...

Yours sincerely
Linda Ferguson


12,527 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!