Bring Back Melia Pro Rewards Program's Benefits for Canadian Travel Agents

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Melia Pro Rewards program for Travel Agents has suddenly changed, negatively and disproportionately affecting Canadian Travel Agents.

Bring back the awarding of points by booking hotels (in Cuba and elsewhere) via the most common booking channel in Canada (tour operators).

Personal story
When Melia Pro Rewards program changed unexpectedly and without prior notice back in August, 2018, Canadian Travel Agents can no longer earn loyalty points for stays in Melia hotels booked through the most common booking channel in our market (via tour operators that sell packaged vacations). Instead, now we're only able to earn points when booking through Melia direct, which most of the times is not feasible, as adding air and transfers prices it out of a similar offer by the main booking channel (via tour operators).

Travel Agents do look into hotel chain rewards when booking their passengers, so this poses a disadvantage to Melia as well, as sales are redirected to other programs that still rewards agents regardless of the booking channel.

We would like to have the earning of points re-instated, so that we can keep serving our customers and earning loyalty points, as the way it is right now, we won't be able to use the rewards program much.