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Keep marriage pure

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Don't be fooled by the trickery , everybody in Australia already has equality,  men, women, gay, straight, married or not married. What rights do married couples have that de facto couples don't?  This debate has nothing to do with equality at all . The Lgbti minority should not be allowed to bully and vilify the majority with their evil plans to destroy one of the most important building blocks of a moral and God fearing society. They say nothing will change for the rest of us but that's just another lie . If you remove a cornerstone the building falls. Marriage is a God designed biblical institution . Its bad enough that political correctness, popular opinions and so called progressive culture is erroding Godly principles and morality from so many facets of our lives and society in general.  We must stand for something.  Its time for the majority to start speaking up. Evil is only victorious when good men do nothing. 

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