Stop the name change from The Melbourne Tigers to Melbourne United!

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Joel Condon started this petition to Melbourne United

Hello and thank you for taking the time to have a look at this petition.

We know this is not about saving lives or the rainforests but this is a subject close to our hearts and we ask for your help to change what is happening.

We represent a group of Melbourne Tiger fans who are very unhappy with the decision to change the name and do away with the strong history of the Melbourne Tigers.

I am writing to you in the hopes of having our (the fans) voices heard.

We simply cannot accept such a drastic change to a club with such a great history.

The Melbourne Tigers are Australia's oldest professional basketball team, the club was established in 1931 in a local church hall league. Originally known as St.Lukes, then Church of England, then Church, then Melbourne Church, to better represent the players playing for the club and give it a name that all could follow, in 1975 the club became the Melbourne Tigers, before entering the National Basketball League in 1984.

The Tigers has seen some of the greatest players in the NBL Andrew Gaze, Lanard Copeland, Mark Bradtke and many more.


On 20 May 2014, the club changed the name of The Melbourne Tigers announcing they will be known as Melbourne United with no warning to the fans and absolutely no consultation to the people that support this great game.

This came even though The Tigers played in front of packed houses at The Cage this season.

Attendances also topped 5000 for games the Tigers played at Hisense Arena, including their first playoff matches in three seasons.


The name change was met with strong scrutiny from members, fans and past Club legends such as Lindsay and Andrew Gaze had described the change as “gut-wrenching”.

Star Tigers player Lanard Copeland said he would ask that the honour of having his singlet draped from the rafters at the club arena be revoked.

“It’s been a sad 18 hours,” Copeland said since he heard of the owners’ decision.

“Two guys are ripping the heart out of the club.

“I feel like it’s for financial gain.

“I don’t want to be a part of it anymore.”


Even rival fans are disgusted with what has transpired.


Please help us and our kids to keep the team we love so much.

Thank you.


Fans of the Melbourne Tigers.


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This petition had 523 supporters

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