Stop animal abuse! Close down '@ Pets' in Melbourne Central

Stop animal abuse! Close down '@ Pets' in Melbourne Central

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 Would you let your best friend be abused? So why let animals receive that treatment? Would you let the abuser continue to cause harm and discomfort without any consequence?!

Be the voice for those who don’t have one. 

Dogs sleeping in urine, cats with eye infections, dead fish floating in tanks, rabbits and guinea pigs panting from heat. All of them locked into cramped glass cages with no help, no mercy and no love. 

The picture which accompanies this petition is of a kitten which has eye infections, which is a common symptom for cat influenza, untreated it can be life-threatening. Furthermore the cat was kept in a cramped glass cage with 4 or 5 other cats. The influenza virus is contagious and easily spread to other cats. Any cat who carries this virus will be a carrier for life. 

I frequent this pet shop in the hopes that they have made some changes but every time I leave with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. Seeing the sick and inhumanely treated animals and knowing I can't do anything. Despite frequently reporting cruelty to the RSPCA nothing seems to have changed.

Well I say that it's enough. It is time for a change.