Save our airport viewing area

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We are seeking public support to get signatures to stop the closure of our community aircraft viewing area. With your signature, we're showing the airport how much this viewing area means to the community and that this closure will not only take precious memories and experiences from families, tourists and locals alike, it will also discourage community connection and interface with our only international airport in our state.

A brief background, Melbourne Airport is planning to close the viewing area on Sunbury Road, and use it as a site office and plant storage to install solar panels at the adjacent paddock for what they say will only be for 18 months, but there's no certainty that it will be reopened nor to mention if the project is delayed it may be much, much longer than 18 months. The plans were announced on 3AW radio and Herald Sun news paper on 28th of November 2019.

Whilst the idea of generating renewable energy is fantastic and long overdue for the airport, the chosen location has been selected with no thought to the local community and how much of a negative impact it will have. The airport owns over 3000 hectares (thats over 7000 acres!) and has many unused, vacant paddocks where the solar panels can be installed. They have recently purchased homes and land along Arundel Creek, they have mass land where the new runway was going to be initially installed along McNabbs Road and Barbiston Road where they have recently purchased more properties as well as larger, vacant unused paddocks.

This closure will also affect the many small businesses which operate in the viewing area, for some this is a full time income for their families and the closure will have a devastating impact on their immediate future.

Please sign this petition and show Melbourne Airport that this community asset is far too precious and important for the community for them to close, even if as they say it will only be 18 months.

UPDATE: We have since been informed by a member from Melbourne Airport that they actually do intend to permanently shut down the viewing area. Pleased share this petition with friends and family.