Justice for Skimp

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It seems that the day of June 27th 2018, the information gathered about the days before, and the events after require #Chainfreedogs to make another petition to try to get help from our beloved Judge Joyner. He was very helpful in the last case for a dog named Camo, and I expect him to be just as level headed and realistic on this case as well.

I received a message about a chained underweight Rottweiler located at 1517 John Smith Ave on June 27, 2018. Not only was this poor boy chained, but he was without food or water in the 93° heat with nothing but an igloo (which holds heat like the inside of a car). A neighbor (that had called many times on this address before) said that his name was Skimp. The neighbor informed us that there was another female dog named Sweets that died in that same backyard death trap chained to a pole while poor Skimp was tethered where he couldn't escape his dead friend’s body. The Humane Society notes that on an 85-degree day a car with its windows partially rolled down reaches 102 degrees in only 10 minutes. The same can be said for an igloo. Even so, our current city ordinance requires each animal to have proper shelter and be able to stand up and lie down in the full stretched out position. This wasn't available for Skimp. He wasn't even offered the required shelter from the direct rays of the sun. Instead, the desperate dog used his scorched nose to lift his overbearingly hot igloo to get under in the mosquito infested yard that is likely to transmit heartworms to any untreated dog.

As you may know, a chained dog is three times more likely to bite and it’s usually a child 12 that gets bit by a chained dog. One neighbor has his grand kids around a lot, and the other neighbor is a tiny elderly lady.  After many calls to CACC, there was one success in catching a dog that got out from 1517 John Smith Avenue that was terrorizing the neighborhood by tearing up trash, and scaring people because he was aggressive. According to the 1st ACO, that dog was caught and euthanized due to aggression. The owner of these dogs at this property has caused the death of at least two dogs with the last dog, Skimp, was well on his way.

The first man to check on this address (which I received via #Chainfreedogs messenger) sent out a true animal lover and advocate named Skip Weaver. Mr. Weaver called CACC and the police. According to them, nothing could be done because the gate was padlocked much like the dog was padlocked to his short, illegal chain. It was 93° that day, and Skimp was going to die of heat stroke if something wasn't done. Unfortunately, this try for rescue wasn't a success. The ACO there decided to take pictures to show to his supervisor that could make a decision about this poor dog and left a door hangar to CALL THEM!! 

Later in the afternoon, I decided to go see the dog for myself with help from my 16 year old son, and our teen friend. Luckily, while waiting for another volunteer, Grayson, I had a chance to speak with the neighbor. That's when things became clear about the abuse going on next door. The neighbor told me that many dogs have gone through the abandoned house, and the owner used them to keep squatters out of it. They illegally tethered them, didn't offer a clean space, rarely came to give food or water, neglected to offer shelter from the direct rays of the sun, and obviously from his low weight didn't offer the appropriate amount of food for a dog his weight and size. To top it off, the poor pup became aggressive either from them making him that way, or from the mental and physical abuse of being chained to a pole. Luckily another animal lover showed up named Grayson. Without his support to help me stay calm, I don't know if I would've had the courage to call 911 on this address again. A simple change to our ordinance for zero tethering unless accompanied by the owner for as long as it takes to do a short task such as tie your shoes. Would reduce this abuse dramatically.

Since animal control and the police had already been called that day, it was a difficult task to get them to come and reevaluate the dogs condition. After 5 minutes or so, the 911 operator was convinced to send help! While we waited, we ran out of water for ourselves. It was so hot and muggy. The sweat was pouring from our bodies, and we all thought about the poor dog that hadn't had water in long enough that he was getting weak. The police and animal control finally showed up, and still didn't know what to do. Was it ok to cut the lock on the gate to rescue this dog? Was it going to attack as soon as the police and animal control got close? After much deliberation, they cut the lock and went in. I was taking a video of the poor pup while Grayson watched what was happening. When the ACO slipped the pole catcher over Skimps neck, he had a hard time standing due to weakness from being denied food and WATER in the 93° summer day.

There were several people interested in adopting Skimp as soon as his hold time was up. I don't know if you will believe this part, but it happened. CACC Released Skimp to the abusive owner!!! I hope that he is safe now, but who knows? Maybe he is thirsting to death on another yard tied to a pole.

These animals deserve better. They deserve justice. It's time to set the bar high for abusers like these. Please consider removing Skimp from their custody, sending this to superior court for felony animal cruelty, and banning them from owning animals. We have to protect these dogs from people that hurt them. Show Columbus that the law will protect their grandchildren, and elderly loved ones from aggressive dogs, and that it's never okay to abuse an animal. You have the power to make Columbus safe from dogs that are abused to the point of aggression, and dogs safe from people that do this to them.


Thank you for your consideration.



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