MEIZU/Flyme Global Community demands

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This is a message from your global community.

We decided to write this message to you, because we observed that the situation is becoming unsustainable.
In the most important countries for the company such as: Russia, Ukraine, India, Italy, Spain, France etc. All users and fans of MEIZU are exasperated from your lack of listening and a policy that is designed and thought for the Chinese market.

All users asked for a strongly change in the development and optimization of Flyme's operating system.
We love Flyme and we believe it is the strongest weapon for the company, but its development for the international markets is unsustainable.
Updates that are released very late, issues that are never resolved and features that are never implemented.

All these issues has been damaged the sales and growth of the company.
With the expansions of Xiaomi in the international markets, as Italy and France; the situation has become even more unsustainable.
Before arriving at the point of no return, we ask as a global community that MEIZU finally decides to listen to its users and to change to the development of Flyme.

The company should hire a person who interacts daily with the demands of its users in international markets and should change its development and optimization model for the Flyme.

If the company decides to ignore this message and our requests, the fate of MEIZU will be to exit from the international markets and lose any chance of growth.
As lovers of MEIZU we want to prevent this at all costs and for this reason we have decided to open this petition.

We still believe in MEIZU and we believe that can still grow in our respective markets.
This is why we are clamoring for a change; that's why we asking to MEIZU to change his way by begin to listen his fans.

With respect and trust,
The global community of MEIZU.