Fire Yosef Asher and Yisroel Weiss

Artscroll, a world-renowned publisher of Jewish books, is complicit in a horrendous act of abuse against Gital Dodelson. Gital is being held in limbo by her ex-husband, Avrohom Meir Weiss, who refuses to give her a get, a religious divorce. Artscroll employ the father (Yosef Asher) and the uncle (Yisroel) of this deviant human being who are completely complicit. Needless to say, it is supremely ironic that the leading publisher of Torah books is a willing conspirator in this travesty.

Please sign this petition and together we can force Artscroll to help to bring an end to Gital's suffering.

You can read about Gital's plight here: and about Artscroll's complicity here:

Please help to set Gital free.

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