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Petitioning Megan Herriett and her Dangerous Dog Law

Stop her dangerous dog law from harming and doing injustice to animals

This girls' petition will not only cause more and more dogs who aren't dangerous to be put on the list of dangerous animals, but also it makes people think they can just blame the dog and that the owners are not to blame. The owners are fully to blame! Sogs and any other animal have instincts, and they don't understand things like humans do and we can't blame them for not knowing that someone wasn't trying to harm them or attack their owner or home. Also, an animal abuser can go up to a dog and provoke him and say it was unexpected that the dog barked or nipped or tried to defend the dog's self or family or puppies, and have them suffer for no reason. This little pig needs to have her petition STOPPED.

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  • Megan Herriett and her Dangerous Dog Law

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