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Cancel your Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Day shows so your employees can spend time with their families!

Medieval Times is a lot of fun -- but it's also hard work for employees. This year, the company plans to take away the two holidays employees have: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Medieval Times employees, and especially their performers, work hard all year long for this company. The physical wear and tear the performers endure to bring these shows to your customers, week after week, is exhausting yet they continue to exert themselves to their fullest potential. Your employees, from servers, to performers and management come together five days a week as a team to bring a great show to your patrons. Do you not feel that your hard working employees deserve these holidays to spend with their families?  They work shifts when everyone else is off on nights and weekends, often coming home at very late hours and missing out on many family and friend opportunities. They look forward to these few holidays that they were promised off if they voted no to union organization. Your company is now breaking that promise.

I started this petition because with all my heart, do not feel that it is right these employees must work on holidays that they celebrate for those who do not. Please sign this petition and put yourself in their shoes. 

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