Internally Assess Final Year Postgraduates and fasttrack them to help in Covid Crisis.

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Thousands of Indian Final Year Postgraduates are awaiting exams, after repeated rescheduling, to be able to contribute to the ongoing, worsening, Covid crisis. 

Given the extraordinary scenario, as a one time measure, reforming the PGMER Regulations to expedite the process, via Internal Assessment etc is the need of the hour. 

Conducting a 4 Paper, 3 hour long theory exam with all students in the same hall, in a Medical College Hospital setting is a terrible terrible idea; and practical exams after that. 

Extraordinary times need extraordinary measures and we cannot rely on old techniques to solve modern challenges. 

MCI needs to be proactive and take decisions taking the overall well-being of students into consideration. 

Other countries have graduated residents without examinations considering the crisis. It is understandable that examinations for PG students are mandated; but can the MCI not for once think out of the box and take a bold step?