Pvt hospitals to be put on check for appropriate treatment of all non Covid-19 patients.

Pvt hospitals to be put on check for appropriate treatment of all non Covid-19 patients.

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Recently my family who is a resident of Pune City faced an unfortunate situation wherein my beloved uncle, head of my joint family passed away at a reputed government hospital located in the heart of the city. 

The local private hospitals situated in different parts of the city are accountable for not giving timely medical attention to the patient during desparate hours. Although the patient had one of the symptoms of Covid-19 (difficulty to breathe) it was ruled out later on that his was a Covid-19 case. Multiple major hospitals denied logistics required to treat a Covid-19 patient and ruled out admission of my uncle stating the non-availability of a bed in the isolation ICU ward. Due to this we had to search for such ICU bed during testing hours and witnessed the tragic end of my uncle in front of our eyes. 

When he was finally taken to a reputed govt hospital which is working full fledged for treating Covid-19 patients, it was understood that he was actually undergoing a heart attack all this while and then suffered a servere heart attack right at the time when a team of three doctors was operating on him. We were clearly informed that we were late in getting him to the hospital as we had wasted much precious time in looking for an ICU bed as suggested by Pvt hospitals. Had he been recieved appropriate treatment at the right time we could have a completely different outcome. Had the pvt hospitals not denied the treatment of a patient with Covid-19 symptom we wouldn't have to witness the tragic end of my uncle.

After raising a voice against these Pvt hospitals by publishing an article across multiple news papers in the city we understood that many families have encountered such situation wherein a precious life is lost in the same manner. We demand a strict action been taken against these reputed hospitals and advised stringent regulations in treating any kind of patient during the current medical crisis so that no more families are affected due to this apathetic negligence. 

Support this cause and spread awareness while we are already grappling with the pandemic. Every life is precious and every patient is to be treated appropriately at right time.