Medical Bills Should NOT Prevent Educational Goals at the University of Virginia

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Nacy Sexton loves learning. He wants to use his education to become a teacher and instill his love of learning in others. When he was accepted at the University of Virginia (UVA), he couldn’t believe it -- He was on his way to becoming the first in his family to graduate from college, and he felt honored to be enrolled at such a prestigious institution.

Nacy’s studies were interrupted when he was diagnosed with Lupus Anticoagulancy, a rare blood disorder. His illness forced him to take time off so he could heal. As a full-time student with only part-time work, he was soon faced with a pile of medical bills from UVA’s medical center that he couldn’t pay.

When Nacy tried to re-enroll at UVA, he was devastated by the university’s response. With just two classes remaining before he could earn his degree, he was blocked from re-enrolling -- not because he was delinquent on his tuition or other education-related expenses, but because of those unpaid medical bills.

The University of Virginia informed him that he must pay his medical bills before he can return to finish his degree. Nacy should not be punished because of his illness. He should not be prevented from finishing his degree because of the high cost of health care. UVA should do the right thing, and allow him to re-enroll and eventually graduate, as he continues to repay his medical bills.

Nacy is not the only student impacted by UVA’s medical bill hold. That is why we call on UVA to immediately remove medical bill holds on students. A place of learning should not use medical bills to block its students from their educational goals.

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