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Stop Calling Russian Agents "Pro-Russian Separatists" or "Rebels" - Report Responsibly!

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Ukraine's "pro-Russian separatists" or "rebels" as some in the press like to call them are being led by a known Russian agent named Igor Strelkov (also goes by Igor Girkin), a Russian citizen and "veteran of both of Russia's Chechen wars, its war in Transdnistria, [Moldova] in the 1990s, and the war in Bosnia. He is a battle-hardened professional soldier," the leader of "pro-Russian separatists" (Russian agents) in Ukraine, and he was caught bragging on social media about downing the Malaysian jet. 

To quote The Economist: Russia has, in effect, already invaded eastern Ukraine. Please call on the media to report responsibily and not proliferate Putin's propaganda by calling the terrorist acts in eastern Ukraine an "insurgency," an "uprising," or led by "pro-Russian separatists" or "rebels." It is simply not the truth and misinforms readers. This is a very serious crisis--it is the first time since World War II that borders have been violated in Europe--please ask the media to adhere to the facts and not to spread the Kremlin's propaganda. Join us in calling for an end to the false labels of "Pro-Russian separatists" and "rebels."




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