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Stop Anti-Black Women Media Trash

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Black women are too frequently slandered in the media, with attacks against our beauty, intelligence, culture and lifestyle. There must be a voice for black women that says STOP, a voice that protests on our behalf and protects our best interests. The media should be held accountable for publications that conjure negative stereotyping based merely on race and/or sex. Two of the most horrifying examples of 2011 was the publication by Psycology Today of a "scientific" study demonstrating black women to be the ugliest of all races and the Dutch Magazine that drop the headline Nigga Bitch for a article on Rihanna. This is not only unacceptable and disrespectiful but also a shameless demonstration of carefree racism. We should no longer allow the media to believe that they are free to publish whatever type of trash about black women they please. We can all be a single unified voice for the fair treatment of black women in the media, that names and shames those that seek to fuel racial prejudices and that demands that our race is portrayed with the same respect and consideration as others.

Apologise after publications have caused hurt and outrage is such a shameless media sham as in today age of tecnology once information is out it is impossible to retract completely. Therefore we ask kindly that the media refrains from racial and sexist slander of the black women.

To make this campaign effective we will be watching closely through 2012, and naming and shaming in our update racial and/or sexist slander against black women and adding such mdia outlets to our petition target list.

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