Include Feminists & Peace Advocates When Covering Pro-Lifers

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Petition Update: Include Feminists and Peace Advocates in Pro-life Coverage

Dear signers of the Consistent Life Network’s Petition to the Media: We can declare victory on a petition you signed some time ago, asking the media to “Include More Feminists and Peace Advocates to Speak for the Pro-Life Side in Your Coverage.” We’re delighted to report that the Petition has become outdated and unnecessary. Check out our blog post ( where we list links to many articles and editorials in the mainstream media that have noticed pro-life peace advocates and feminists. January has seen an upsurge of such reporting. It’s made the case of media bias in favor of stereotypes change from obvious to puzzling. Thanks so much for your help by signing the petition. If you’re not already a subscriber to our short weekly update, Peace and Life Connections, we invite you to subscribe: Sincerely, Rachel MacNair Chair, Education Committee Consistent Life Network

The Consistent Life Network
5 years ago