Sing Tao Canada (TorStar Subsidiary) biased towards Chinese Communist and not the truth.

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Sing Tao Canada is a Chinese media outlet in Chinese for Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. This media outlet is owned and operated by Toronto Star's parent company TorStar Corporation. 

Over the course of the protest in Hong Kong in 2019 regarding to the China Extradition bill. This media outlet had been biased very heavily towards China, Hong Kong Police and Communist Party. 

These editors for Sing Tao Canada whom either from Hong Kong or China biased towards the Communist party to protect their reputation towards Chinese Government. These articles are directly used in Canada and promoting Chinese Communist propaganda for Canadian Chinese citizen.

In Canada we have chartered of rights and freedom and Canadian should not be blinded by pro-China articles where each and every day putting a negative spin to Hong Kong protesters whom are protecting their home from Chinese Communist Party. Fighting to preserve the freedom of speech, freedom of journalism, and a group of respectable police force.