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Petitioning Mecklenburg County Commission Chairman Pat Cotham and 8 others

Mecklenburg County Commissioners: Do not eliminate funding to Historic Latta Plantation

Latta has been notified by Mecklenburg County that there is a good chance that the county portion of our funding will be completely eliminated as of July 1, 2013. This is devastating news! As a small non-profit historic site with only 4 full time staff members, Latta does an incredible amount of programming and events! Latta's funding has already been cut by 50% over the past few years. Elimination of funding from Mecklenburg County would greatly hinder Latta's ability to continue providing school programs for 20,000 school children each year, over 35 special events for the public, daily house tours, and numerous summer camps and workshops. We need your help to ask our County Commissioners to support Latta!

Letter to
Mecklenburg County Commission Chairman Pat Cotham
Mecklenburg County Commission Vice Chairman Kim Ratliff
Mecklenburg County Commissioner At Large Trevor Fuller
and 6 others
Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 1 Karen Bentley
Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 2 Velma Leake
Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 3 George Dunlap
Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 6 Bill James
Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 4 Dumont Clarke
Mecklenburg County Commissioner District 5 Matthew Ridenhour
Please do not eliminate county funding to Historic Latta Plantation. Historic Latta Plantation is a non-profit historic site within the Latta Plantation Nature Preserve in Huntersville, NC. Latta has over 42,000 visitors each year and educates over 20,000 school children annually. As a required field trip site for the CMS 3rd graders, Latta works closely with local schools and provides programs for, not only the 3rd graders, but for children in CMS from kindergarten through high school!

A portion of Historic Latta Plantation's funding is embedded within the Parks and Recreation budget. After experiencing 50% funding cuts from Mecklenburg County and the Arts and Science Council over the past several years, Latta Plantation is struggling to continue offering all of its education programs, tours, special events, summer camps, and workshops to the community.

Latta was recently notified by Parks and Recreation that if the county cuts their budget this year, instead of finding another area to lower expenses, they will most likely completely eliminate their funding to Historic Latta Plantation and Historic Rural Hill. An elimination of county funding would significantly impact the programming at Latta, and cripple its ability to provide programming to students from CMS and the surrounding counties. Unfortunately, the number of historic sites available to these children is already decreasing due to closings as a result of a lack of funding. Latta believes that our history and cultural heritage needs to be preserved and is a vital part of a well rounded education.

Latta represents the heritage of early Mecklenburg County citizens who paved the way for us today. Visitors from all over the world come to Latta in an effort to understand the history and cultural background of this region. With the number of historic sites closing or on the verge of being closed, it would be a shame to cripple a site that is currently so vibrant and highly programmatic.

Please ensure that Latta's funding is not eliminated.