Keep Cars Off Bettystown Beach

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Since the coronavirus lockdown began, Bettystown Beach has been closed off by boulders to prevent people from parking on the beach and gathering in large numbers. I believe that this arrangement should be kept in place post-COVID 19, as it has created many positive effects for the beach and beach-goers alike. 

It has reduced the level of litter present on the coast, as people can no longer bring car-loads full of rubbish and holiday paraphernalia directly onto the beach. Dumping of baby wipes, swimming trunks, and other associated items has always been a problem for the area, to the point that beach clean-ups had to be scheduled every month to prevent a build-up of litter. Keeping cars off of the beach permanently could reduce clean-up costs for the council, and would remove the visual pollution brought by rows and rows of automobiles lining the beach (as seen in this 2009 Drogheda Independent article)

The only benefit brought by the on-beach parking is convenience. Bettystown, Laytown, and the surrounding area contains many parking facilities, which can be used free of charge. 

We have seen pandemonium on the shores of Bettystown beach almost every summer; together we can make last summer the final one of that sort.