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Petitioning Meat Sales in Public School Menus of Colorado on Monday's

Ban the sales of meat in Colorado public schools on Mondays

In order to educate current and future generations of public school students in Colorado about the problems with growing health risks, environmental issues, and the mass slaughter of animals, it's necessary to enforce a policy to remove all meat from school lunch menus on Mondays.

Something as simple as removing meat off our plates, one day a week, can improve our health, environment, and the welfare of innocent animals.

To learn more about the MeatlessMonday movement, visit:

It is great to participate in this campaign, but it's better to legislate action in the state of Colorado to be rolemodel for other states and countries world wide.

Thank you for signing this petition and I hope that soon enough, meat won't be an option on menus for Colorado public schools on Monday.

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  • Meat Sales in Public School Menus of Colorado on Monday's

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