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Meaningful Action & Gun Control: Sign the petition and say enough is enough. Gun Control Now!

The NRA has 3.5 million members. There are over 200 million adults in the US. How many of us non-NRA members are willing to say enough is enough? Let our voices be heard. Stop the massacre. Put an end to the violence. If enough of us speak up now "meaningful action" will be expedited. Be part of the change. 


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Meaningful Action & Gun Control
U.S. House of Representatives
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California State House
California State Senate
California Governor
We are writing as concerned citizens who are asking Congress to take action against America’s lax gun control laws. We specifically ask that: 1. The assault weapons ban be reinstated and strengthened as suggested by Senator Feinstein. 2) America closes gun show loopholes that allow private buyers to avoid background checks. Common sense dictates that every gun purchaser should undergo a background check.

We also hope that issues such as ammunition and magazines are addressed. Please consider common sense solutions to the lax laws and loopholes that have resulted in a dangerous proliferation of assault weapons. We are not asking the American Government to ban guns; we simply support common sense solutions to gun proliferation and lack of oversight that might reduce the prevalence of repeated gun violence in America.
Please, enough is enough. There is no reason for semi-automatic weapons to be legal. Now is not the time to have a conversation about gun control, now is the time to make meaningful action, as said by President Obama.
We look to you, the decision makers to make gun control a top priority as a result of the recent increases in shootings nationwide.

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