Please help save my families housing from illegal eviction that is happening.

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August 2017 Quantum Real Estate   Management LLC/Island Walk Townhomes  Iillegally and Unlawfully  locked me and my 8 year old daughter out of our home and threw away all of our belongings. I did not owe any money and I couldn’t believe that they trashed all our possessions as well as sentimental items from my grandmother and great grandparents who had just passed. Legal Aid told them that what they did was illegal because it Was Not Court  Ordered. I was able to get the keys back to my house, but everything was gone and broken down in the trash or taken by neighbors. As if that wasn’t enough, now they are  still seeking to evict us again and they are harassing and threatening me saying that if I win the court case they will continue to file actions against me. I haven’t done anything to be subjected to this type of treatment. My goal is to save housing for me and my 8 year old daughter so we won’t be homeless, helpless, hopeless and at risk for other abusive situations, mistreatment and misfortune.  I also want to bring awareness to the misconduct and illegal actions that are taking place with Quantum Management LLC / Island Walk.Actions such as this just shows you the vulnerability of people who are dependent upon low income housing.  Please help me and my daughter save our housing, as well as bring awareness and change to the mistreatment that the residence are subjected to, because they are under a vendor who provides HUD housing. 

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