Guardrail for the Greers!!!

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The home of a great family, The Greers, has been hit by vehicles in a 50mph zone 3 times, twice in the last year! Their mailbox has also been taken out almost a dozen times, as well as a car hitting a tree in their front yard saving their home from being hit! The front porch on this home was just finished being replaced from being hit last April!  

They have previously requested a guardrail be installed to protect their home, it is on Route 1, a state highway. Maryland stated that a guardrail wasn't necessary and instead they put up an arrow sign. A sign which is now paying bent up in their front yard with a car into the side of their house. 

Please sign this petition to get a guardrail installed before someone gets injured or killed! This family has no peace in their home because they are always waiting on the next accident to happen!